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Cynthia is a lifelong student of philosophy but has enjoyed many incarnations in just one lifetime, including serving in the American Navy and as a cross-country trucker, (Hammer Down!) as well as the chair for innumerable debates in the USA. In a single induced meditation, Cynthia once encountered a hyper real transcendental event comparable to those experienced by those having a Near Death Experience. Despite the quasi-spiritual nature of that experience, Cynthia remains authentic, and not obnoxious like so many other enlightened types. This one encounter was profound enough to have informed every moment since and has filled her with a deep unassailable love of all phenomena and beings. In short, she’s a bit of a bloody hippie, but nonetheless acquits herself well in debate in a very lean and secular way. She is beloved of all her co content generators at Radio Hydrogen, especially Rusty, who in-between regular tantrums and flip-outs, sets aside time for Cynthia to co-brainstorm shows and plot to save and augment the world.

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