Love-archy Ep 2 – Everyone Should Get It First

Cynthia October 6, 2021



Politics & Pursuits – Love = Shit!


Episode 02

Everyone Should Get It First




Guests:  Craig Bowles & Rusty Burridge


Presented and edited  by: Cynthia Leonard (Cynthesizer)


Technology, Admin, Australian FM Radio Network Liaison and Licensing: Chris John Doe (For real!)


Music: “Greyworld,” written and performed by Reap And Sow


More Information:


Everyone Should Get It First, the first novel about Universal Income by Craig Bowles and Rusty Burridge.  (Actionable Social Innovation Fiction)


Daddy I’ve Just Seen Father Christmas by Fracking For Fairydust



Special thanks go out to Mitch McDonald for his heroic rescuing of the master tapes.


Bob Evans and Merry Nation of the 3E Show at Tribe FM 91.1  for their ongoing support.





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