The Laser Garden Ep 1 – Spintronics

Rusty December 4, 2022


The Laser Garden


Episode One


Marble Computers, Metaphoric Electronics,

and Other Marvellous Machinery


Paul Boswell (Spintronics)

Presented by:

Rusty Burridge


Spintronics (Understanding Electronics Intuitively)

Turing Tumble  (Marble-Powered Computers)

Upper Story –  Endless Curiosity


Jenny Burke Crystal Geometry Mathematical Learning Aid


Aussie Music you’ve never heard but won’t want to be without: The red dust possess more genius than you know:

  1. Say What You Feel – Orange Orange
  2. All Your Stories –  Seja
  3. DanceFlaw (Jimmy Cass Remix) Plaster of Paris
  4. Asato Hop –  Crystal Slide Shivam
  5. Forevermore – Winterbourne



Thanks to:

Chris Doe Tech, Legals and Aussie Radio



















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