The Artist & the Aviator – Joseph & Jose – LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA

Lauretta December 23, 2020

Meet “The Artist, and The Aviator”!! Joseph and José met on Tinder, the hookup app, but were oblivious that it was a hookup app!! When they finally met in person, they became inseparable, and have been together ever since.
Jose, an aviation commercial manager, was born in The Dominican Republic, and arrived in America at the age of 17 not speaking a word of English. Joseph, a classically trained opera singer, became a music teacher after college, and performs with the National Chorale, one of New York’s oldest chorus groups whose mission it is to promote choral music in and around New York City….!
Their blended family comprises of Joseph’s biological nephew, whom Joseph has been caring for since he himself was 16, and Jose’s adopted son with his previous partner. When I asked them about about how they balance their family, Jose said that he has needed, lots of patience, but also they think long term. They say that they try to have pride for their love. They are mindful of the trauma that their children may have experienced before. They tell their children “Not only do we love you, but we’re not going anywhere…..”
Jose and Joseph have had to overcome prejudice and racism in order to grow their family. Their own mothers were a huge inspiration in their own lives growing up, and those mothers helped them be the men and fathers that they are today.
**To this day, there are over 500,000 children without families to love them.**
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