Ragged Utopia Ep 13 – Love-archy

Rusty, Cynthia September 2, 2021


Ragged Utopia

Episode 13


 Politics & Pursuits – Love = Shit!


Guest: Cynthia Leonard/Ann Cognito & Mr Myrtle    


Presented by: Rusty Burridge


Introducing Cynthia Leonard presenting Love-archy with Ann Cognito & Mr Myrtle   


Technology, Admin, Australian FM Radio Network Liaison and Licensing: Chris John Doe (For real!)


Music for Ragged Utopia: “America Calling,” written and performed by Sean Anthony Brennan, aka Jonny Carbine and the Low Down Dirty Dog Band


Music for Love-archy: “Greyworld,” written and performed by Reap and Sow



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Humankind: A Hopeful History: Bregman, Rutger, Moore, Erica, Manton, Elizabeth: 9780316418539

Humankind: A Hopeful History: Bregman Rutger


Many thanks also to the following:

Reap and Sow  https://reapandsow.hearnow.com/

Andy Leonard of Reap and Sow


Kevin Guyan for the introduction, ah, you beauty, you.

Bob Evans and Merry Nation on the 3E Show at Tribe FM 91.1  www.tribefm.org.au




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