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With Chris, there is Radio Hydrogen.  He handles all the tech, not just the computers, but also the FM transmission tech of the Aussie radio stations that Radio Hydrogen partners with. Chris also handles all the legal stuff, keeping us out of trouble.  He has dined out on the rumours about him being a man-in-black beyond government who has primed hundreds of stations in Oz for the collapse of civilisation to serve as a propaganda network for control or restoration.  How true the rumours are, is a matter for after dinner conversation and starlit beer.  What you can take to the bank, however, is that Chris is the driving inclusionist humanist force responsible for positioning Radio Hydrogen into the role of facilitator of wellbeing and wonderment for ALL!  Chris (The Bear) is a workaholic and does have an air of mystery about him, never fully committing to an opinion on anything other than an unassailable belief in the future. He’s a dreamer with a low centre of gravity with infinite vistas.  At least buy him a tinny.

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