Helen Nkwocha “The Imbalance of Race – Part 2” LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA

Lauretta December 7, 2020



This is the second of three conversations I am bringing to you on this topic of race, and its imbalance. In this episode, a former London Metropolitan Police officer and Sergeant turned professional soccer coach, my sister Helen, talks publicly about the imbalance of race in her profession. I am extremely proud of this human. She has always handled herself with class and charisma. Listen to what she says is a “betrayal” to fellow police officers. From the UK to the USA, the stories are countless. The problem is systemic, but it’s time to shift those scales. My sister says “sometimes you have to be the only one doing the right thing”. I believe the responsibility lies with EVERY. ONE. OF. US…..!!! . . . . LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA Episode 4: “The Imbalance of Race. Part 2” Guest: Helen Nkwocha Available to download now on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more….👇🏾 https://livingoutloudwithlauretta.buz… Listen at your leisure and leave a review… Tag me in IG stories and I’ll repost you!💋 If you have some down time Watch it here👇🏾with with your favorite wine…🥂 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl9g… #podcaster #livingoutloudwithlauretta #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #entertainer #dowhatyoulove @hlnkwocha @buzzsprout #itunes #iheartradio #spotify

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