Sophie “The Imbalance of Race – Part 3” LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA

Lauretta December 14, 2020


This is the third and final installment in a series I am calling “The Imbalance of Race”. Today’s conversation took place days after the murder of George Floyd. The quarantine of 2020 threw my family into an unexpected, but welcome staycation! Revelling in the quality time we were getting to enjoy as a family helped us cope with the fear and uncertainty that the newly discovered Coronavirus brought. We drowned out the news stories of massive hospitalizations followed by certain death. We just floated around our home, truly enjoying our new normal. We went from sleepovers in the tent we built in our living room, learning to ride bikes, silly, fun workouts in our backyard, to me having to pull the proverbial rug from under my 10 year old daughter’s feet… . . Thank you to EVERYONE for listening and downloading🙌🏾 As long as you keep listening, I will keep talking😆 I truly appreciate the support. I craaaaaave balance in all areas of my life⚖️If you do too, then let’s pursue it together. Talking, listening, teaching and learning. Together… . . LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA Episode 6: “The Imbalance of Race. Part 3” Guest: Sophie Available to download now on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more….👇🏾 https://livingoutloudwithlauretta.buz… Listen at your leisure and leave a review… Tag me in IG stories and I’ll repost you!💋 If you have some down time, Watch it here with with your favorite wine…🥂 #podcaster #livingoutloudwithlauretta #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #entertainer #dowhatyoulove #buzzsprout #itunes #iheartradio #spotify #theimbalanceofrace


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