Ragged Utopia Ep 12 – Warp News

Rusty August 18, 2021


Ragged Utopia

Episode 12


 Fact Based Optimistic News – Making the Future come sooner!



Guest: Mathias Sundin      mathias.sundin@warpinstitute.org



Presented by: Rusty Burridge


Technology, Admin, Australian FM Radio Network Liaison and Licensing: Chris John Doe (For real!)


Music: “America Calling,” written and performed by Sean Anthony Brennan aka Jonny Carbine & The Lowdown Dirty Dog Band


Radio Ready Edit for Australian Radio: Mitch McDonald


More Information: The Warp Institute for all things pertaining to Fact Based Optimistic News (Warp News)


The Idea Factory by Jon Gertner



Many thanks also to the following:

Bob Evans

Trevor Garard

Lauretta Nkwocha

Sara Bowles


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