Skateparks On Mars EP i – Dreams of Rollerball

Cynthia & Mitch September 17, 2021


Skateparks On Mars 

Episode i

Dreams of Rollerball


Guest: Rusty Burridge    

Presented by: Mitch McDonald &Cynthia Leonard

Technology, Admin, Australian FM Radio Network Liaison and Licensing: Chris John Doe (For real!)

Music: “Sentient but Not Alive,” written and performed by Anarchosophist

More Information:

Rollberball Wiki


Rollerball Documentary


Artwork by Luke Austin-Heywood


Many thanks also to the following:

Craig and Sara Bowles for creating the working space

Tracy Perkins for the sanctuary provided in the serene and surreal village of  King’s Sutton, England

Bob Evans and Merry Nation at Tribe FM 91.1

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