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Skate Parks on Mars – Guests are invited to talk about their “Schemes and Dreams with Amazing Themes,” of any magnitude they care to imagine and how they would bring their inner marvels into external reality if they had endless money, unlimited resources and time.Skate Parks on Mars’ draws from Radio Hydrogen’s audience in a kind of ‘around the campfire,’ way. There are billions of people on Earth and the best dreamers are unknown and obscure. ‘Skate Parks on Mars,’ finds them and shines a light on them.

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This is what happens when you leave melancholy children alone in the American South:  you grow actor/writer/singer/psychologist/swordsmen/gunslingers whose brilliance will go unrecognized in their time. You can’t throw a rock without hitting some variant of this (usually adding in LGBTQA) or a Baptist. Like that one magic mushroom in a field of cow pies, we all just wanna be special.

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